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Dodgers in bad company with terrible road record

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The Dodgers with losses in their first two games of their series against the Cubs at Wrigley Field have dropped to 12-20 on the road this season, which is a little concerning because the club has eight games left on its current road trip and, of their 90 remaining games, 49 are on the road and 41 are at home.

This is especially odd because the Dodgers had the best road record in baseball in 2014 (49-32), and tied for the best road record in 2013 (45-36).

The 2014 club started 11-22 on the road, then won 29 of their next 34 road games, including a franchise-record 15 straight road wins. This was a part of the ridiculous 42-8 and 53-13 run.

Only five teams in baseball have worse road records this year than the Dodgers, a group that includes two last-place teams (Phillies, White Sox), two fourth-place teams (Marlins, Reds) and one second-place, .500 team (Mets).

But in 2015 they have lost four of their six three-game series, with both series wins in San Diego and getting swept twice in San Francisco. They split their first two four-game series, in Milwaukee and Colorado, and are 1-1 in two-game series, winning in Colorado and losing in Texas. Add in the two losses to the Cubs, and the Dodgers are 12-20 (.375) on the road, on pace for 51 road losses, which would be their third-worst road record since moving to Los Angeles in 1958.

Their worst L.A. road record was 26-55 (.321) in 1992, one of two times in the 132-year history of the franchise that the Dodgers finished in last place (1905 was the other last-place finish). The Dodgers were 27-54 (.333) on the road in 1986, one of two straight 89-loss seasons that set the tone for a roster overhaul for 1988.

The other two 50-loss road seasons came in 2005, a disaster season (71-91) that saw both manager Jim Tracy and Paul DePodesta get fired, and 1967, another 89-loss season that had a lot to do with no longer having Sandy Koufax in the starting rotation.

Since moving to Los Angeles in 1958, the Dodgers have made the playoffs 19 times in 57 years, once every three years. Those teams had a collective .551 winning percentage on the road, or 44.6 wins every 81 games.

Only twice since moving out west have the Dodgers made the postseason after a losing road record - 2006 (39-42) and 2008 (36-45).

The Dodgers need to go 29-20 on the road the rest of the way to finish with a winning road record in 2015. That .592 winning percentage falls between their road winning percentages the last two years (.605, .556).

Game info

Time: 5:05 p.m. PT

TV: SportsNet LA, ESPN2

The ESPN2 broadcast will have Jon Sciambi, Rick Sutcliffe and Doug Glanville on the call, and is a full national telecast, meaning it won't be blacked out in Los Angeles and the Dodgers' broadcast markets, nor from the normal Dodgers broadcasts.