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Dodgers sign 11th-round pick Imani Abdullah

Photo: Madison High School

The Dodgers have signed right-handed pitcher Imani Abdullah out of Madison High School in San Diego, their 11th-round pick in the 2015 MLB Draft, per Jonathan Mayo of

Abdullah had a 0.45 ERA in his senior season at Madison, with 114 strikeouts in 78⅓ innings. He has a commitment to go to San Diego State next year.

The 18-year-old visited the Dodgers before their game on June 12 at Petco Park in San Diego.

The Dodgers reportedly signed Abdullah to a bonus of $647,500, of which $547,500 counts against the Dodgers bonus pool since Adbullah was picked outside of the first 10 rounds.

That puts the Dodgers at 30 of 42 picks signed, including eight of their first 13 picks signed, with first-rounder Walker Buehler, supplemental first-rounder Kyle Funkhouser, Competitive Balance Round B pick Josh Sborz, third-rounder Philip Pfeifer and sixth-rounder Edwin Rios still unsigned.

This tells us the Dodgers will likely be under slot for at least one of those picks, if not more.

Given the known bonuses to date, the Dodgers are over slot by $676,400. The total bonus pool is $7,781,700, though if a player from the first 10 rounds goes unsigned the club also loses that slot allotment. The toughest sign will likely be Funkhouser, whose slot value is $1,756,100 (no, Dave Stewart, that doesn't mean that's what Funkhouser is worth).

Teams pay a 75-percent tax on an overage from zero to to 4.99% but if a club is over slot by 5-9.99% the penalty is 75-percent tax plus loss of next year's first-round draft pick. If a club is 10-14.99% over, the penalty is 100 overage tax plus loss of first and second-round picks next year. Anything 15% and over is 100-percent overage tax plus loss of first-round picks in the next two drafts.

If the Dodgers sign Funkhouser and the rest of their picks, the most they can be over slot without losing a draft pick is $389,084, one dollar less than five percent over.

If the Dodgers don't sign Funkhouser, their bonus pool shrinks to $6,025,600, meaning they can go up to $301,279 over without losing a draft pick.