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MLB Draft: Rick Monday reflects on being first No. 1 pick, 50 years later

Rick Monday, with A's coach Joe DiMaggio in 1969.
Rick Monday, with A's coach Joe DiMaggio in 1969.
Photo: Diamond Images, via Getty Images

The 2015 MLB Draft starts on Monday, and this year holds special meaning as the 50th anniversary of the very first MLB Draft. Dodgers broadcaster Rick Monday was the first overall pick in that very first draft in 1965, getting selected by the Kansas City Athletics on June 8.

It is a crying shame that MLB didn't invite Monday to the MLB Draft proceedings in New Jersey for some sort of recognition of his golden anniversary, but here are a pair of videos of Monday in the last two weeks recalling making history.

Monday nearly signed with the Dodgers at age 17, by then-scout Tommy Lasorda, but Monday's mother insisted that he go to college at Arizona State.

The Sun Devils were in the College World Series in 1965, awaiting their game and sitting in the right field stands at Rosenblatt Stadium in Omaha when Monday got word he was selected first overall.

"Every year that No. 1 pick is selected, and I know what they're going to go through," Monday said. "It is unfair at times the task, and how many No. 1 picks have more expectations than the guy selected right behind them.

"If you hit two home runs in a game, why didn't you hit three? If you have four hits in a game, why didn't you have five?"