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2015 MLB Draft schedule: Dodgers pick rounds 3-10 on Day 2

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LOS ANGELES -- Day two of the 2015 MLB Draft is upon us, and the Dodgers will make eight picks on Tuesday, with rounds three through 10.

The picks will come at a more rapid pace than the start of Monday, which saw between 3½ and 4½ minutes between selections for the first 36 picks. On Tuesday, there are one-minute intervals between each pick.

You can follow along with our Dodgers draft tracker, which will be updated with each pick, and you can find more draft-related content through our MLB Draft hub.

Coverage of Day 2 of the draft is not televised, but will be available to watch online at, with a pre-show at 9:30 a.m. PT. Picks begin at 10 a.m., with the beginning of the third round. Here are the Dodgers' picks on Tuesday:

Round 3, pick 101, $564,700 slot value (notable Dodger third-rounder: Sid Fernandez, 1981)

Round 4, pick 132, $418,800 slot value (notable: Steve Yeager, 1967)

Round 5, pick 162, $313,600 slot value (notable: Mike Devereaux, 1985)

Round 6, pick 192, $234,800 slot value (notable: Matt Kemp, 2003)

Round 7, pick 222, $178,600 slot value (notable: David Ross, 1998)

Round 8, pick 252, $167,000 slot value (notable: Joe Ferguson, 1968)

Round 9, pick 282, $155,900 slot value (notable: Steve Sax, 1978)

Round 10, pick 312, $149,700 slot value (notable*: Cory Wade, 2004)

*The Dodgers drafted Tom Seaver in the 10th round of the very first draft, in 1965, but were unable to sign the USC right-hander.

Day 2 coverage

Time: 10 a.m. PT