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Brendon Davis profile: A closer look at Dodgers' 5th-round pick

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

LOS ANGELES -- With their fifth-round pick, the Dodgers went local, selecting Lakewood High School shortstop Brendon Davis with the No. 162 overall pick of the MLB Draft.

What he’s good at right now: Brendon Davis has a fluid swing from the right side that should hit at the outset and has the chance for some power. He’s a fluid athlete for 6’4 and shows the actions to stick in the infield.

What he can be good at in the future: Davis is rail thin and some added muscle should help all of his tools play up. He’s highly projectable and his arm and power tool can go as high as the strength he’s willing to add to his game.

What does he need to work on: Obviously filling out is the biggest thing Davis has to work on. He will need to improve his arm to stay at the hot corner, or could risk a move to left field. He’s a below average runner and will have to work to not lose another grade as he fills out.

Carry tool: Too early to suggest he has one, given how raw he is, but his swing and feel for hit should give him a solid hit tool down the line.

Biggest weakness: Davis may not have the present strength to hold up against better competition at the pro level, and a wrist injury will slow his start his pro career, should he sign.

ETA: Davis might need another season at short season next year given his current injury status, and he’s still raw in several facets and must add strength. 2020 is a guess, but it’s near impossible to predict.

Realistic best case scenario: It’s easy to dream on Davis as he could add 40 lbs. to his frame and become a plus hit, above average power third baseman, with good infield actions and arm strength at the hot corner. given his projectability and distance from the majors, several scenarios are still possible.

Wrap: Davis had a lot of helium after last summer, and his tools could have warranted a higher selection if he had stayed healthy this spring and started to fill out his thin frame. The Dodgers have to have a good idea on what it will take to sign him here, and have plenty of time to give him at the start of his pro career to find his footing.

I considered adding Davis to the just missed portion of my list this past weekend, but given the injury, I assumed he was likely headed to Cal State Fullerton and not worth including on the list. He’s a wait-and-see type prospect that’s a year or two away from giving us a better idea of his potential, should he sign. As an upside buy in the fifth round, he’s a solid selection.