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All-Star Game

New Home Run Derby rules & the bracket facing Joc Pederson

Weather permitting, the Home Run Derby will take place on Monday night, with Joc Pederson one of eight participants. Here is a look at the new format, which will be on display beginning at 5 p.m. PT on ESPN.

Pederson is the fourth seed in rankings that were based on home run totals through July 7. The seeds, from one to eight, are Albert Pujols, Todd Frazier, Josh Donaldson, Pederson, Manny Machado, Anthony Rizzo, Prince Fielder and Kris Bryant.

Asked how he has prepared for Home Run Derby during Monday's press conference, Pederson said, "I think every day in batting practice is Home Run Derby."

This year, the eight contestants are divided into a single-elimination bracket with three rounds. Each round is as follows:

  • Each batter gets five minutes to hit as many home runs as possible, with time starting at the release of the first pitch.
  • The better seed hits second in each round.
  • Any home runs hit in the final minute will stop the clock, and the timer won't start again until the batter hits a ball that isn't a home run or swings and misses.
  • Batters can earn up to 90 seconds of bonus time each round, with one minute awarded for hitting two home runs at least 420 feet, and 30 seconds awarded for hitting one home run at least 475 feet. One home run 475 feet or longer can count toward both bonuses if needed.
  • The timer won't stop during the bonus period.
  • Batters are allowed one 45-second timeout per round.
  • Batter with most home runs in each round advances, and if the second batter passes the first batter the round will end immediately.
  • If there is a tie, this is where it can get interesting. Batters will engage in a 90-second swing-off with no breaks or additional time.
  • If the round is still tied after the 90-second swing-off, the batters will engage in successive three-swing swing-offs until a winner is declared.

Update: thanks to weather concerns

Pederson faces Machado in the first round, with the winner in Round 2 facing the winner of Pujols/Bryant for a berth in the final round.

Dodgers minor league coach Johnny Washington will pitch to Pederson.

Here is the bracket: