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All-Star Game

2015 Home Run Derby open thread

Rob Carr/Getty Images

Home Run Derby is upon us, with Joc Pederson trying to make Dodgers history by actually performing reasonably well in the marquee event of All-Star Monday.

On Monday night on ESPN, Chris Berman is on play-by-play most of the night, along with analysts John Kruk and Aaron Boone plus reporters Pedro Gomez and Nicole Briscoe. The 'Baseball Tonight' crew of Karl Ravech, Curt Schilling, Buster Olney and Tim Kurkjian will also chime in on the broadcast as well.

Pederson has these previous seven Dodgers derby performances to contend with:

1993: Mike Piazza - 0 home runs (eighth of eight)

1994: Mike Piazza - 0 (eighth of eight)

1995: Raul Mondesi - 2 (t-fifth of eight)

2005: Hee Seop Choi - 5 (t-fifth of eight)

2011: Matt Kemp - 2 (eighth of eight)

2012: Matt Kemp - 1 (seventh of eight)

2014: Yasiel Puig - 0 (10th of 10)

That's 10 total home runs in seven different years, with half of the bombs hit by Choi.

Here is some Pederson media from earlier Monday: