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Dodgers set post-All-Star-break starting rotation

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

LOS ANGELES -- Dodgers manager Don Mattingly on Wednesday set his starting rotation for after the All-Star break, with Clayton Kershaw, Mike Bolsinger annd Zack Greinke starting the club's first series in Washington D.C. against the Nationals.

Kershaw will start the series opener against the Nationals on Friday evening, followed by Bolsinger on Saturday then Greinke on Sunday. For Kershaw and Greinke they will have eight and nine days, respectively, in between starts, though both also pitched in the All-Star Game on Tuesday in Cincinnati.

Washington hasn't yet announced its rotation.

Greinke threw 39 pitched in his two innings, starting the game on Tuesday, while Kershaw threw 22 pitches in his one inning. That's why Greinke gets the extra day of rest.

Kershaw also threw one inning in each of the previous four All-Star Games. He started on Friday in 2011 (with seven days in between starts) and 2012 (six), and on Sunday in 2013 (eight) and 2014 (nine).

Mattingly has said he wanted to break up the back end of the rotation, whether it's Bolsinger and Brandon Beachy or Carlos Frias, so the bullpen wouldn't get taxed on consecutive days as often. Frias averaged 5.17 innings in his last four starts, and Bolsinger averaged 4.94 innings in his last six starts. Beachy pitched four innings last Saturday in his first major league start in 23 months, coming off Tommy John surgery.