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Starling Heredia, Yadier Alvarez, Ronny Brito highlight Day 1 of Dodgers international signing period

Dominican outfielder Starling Heredia signed with the Dodgers for a reported $2.6 million bonus.
Dominican outfielder Starling Heredia signed with the Dodgers for a reported $2.6 million bonus.
Photo: Ben Badler | Baseball America

The Dodgers as expected have made a big splash on the first day of the 2015-2016 international signing period, with reported signings of top international prospects Yadier Alvarez, outfielder Starling Heredia, shortstop Ronny Brito and infielder Oneil Cruz, among others.

The Dodgers haven't confirmed any deals yet officially, but here is what we know so far.

Yadier Alvarez

The 6'3, 175-pound right-hander has been clocked at 99 mph, and signed for a reported $16 million bonus per Jesse Sanchez of, Ben Badler of Baseball America and Jon Heyman of CBS Sports. David Hood on Wednesday profiled Alvarez, in whom the Dodgers have been interested in since February. Alvarez was rated the top international prospect by FanGraphs and No. 2 by

Starling Heredia

Heredia, 16, is 6-foot, 215 pounds, and was described as a right fielder by Badler, who called Heredia "a good athlete for his size, with a strong set of tools between his power, speed and arm strength."

The bonus for Heredia is $2.6 million per Sanchez and Badler.

Heredia was ranked No. 6 by, No. 8 by Baseball America and No. 12 by FanGraphs.

Ronny Brito

Brito is 6'1, 175 pounds, and the 16-year-old for now is known more for his defense at shortstop than his bat, though the latter could certainly develop.

"He projects as a pure shortstop with good body control, smooth actions, soft hands, good range and a plus arm. He’s an athletic player with plus speed as well," wrote Badler on Tuesday.

Brito was rated No. 15 by FanGraphs, No. 21 by and No. 25 by Baseball America.

His bonus was $2 million, per Sanchez and Badler.

Oneil Cruz

Cruz, 16, is a left-handed batter, at 6'4, 170-pounds, with a $950,000 bonus per Sanchez.

Christopher Arias

This 16-year-old Dominican outfielder has a deal for $500,000, per Badler:

Raw power is the calling card for Arias, who is 6-foot-2, 175 pounds, though he’s still learning to make more contact in games. He’s close to an average runner now and projects to add significant size and strength, so he should fit defensively in left or right field

Ramon Rosso

The Dodgers also apparently signed right-handed pitcher Ramon Rosso, a 6'4, 190-pound 19-year-old, though the bonus is unknown and again the club hasn't announced any of these deals yet officially.


Outfielder Eddy Martinez, rated either the first- or second-best international prospect, likely won't sign on Thursday. His eight-figure payday will come soon, with the Dodgers still in the mix.

Infielder Lucius Fox, linked to the Dodgers in recent weeks and ranked between third and fourth on international prospect lists, ended up agreeing to terms with the Giants for $6 million, per Sanchez.

Even without Martinez, just with the five known bonuses above, the Dodgers are well over their $2,020,300 bonus pool.

Dodgers 2015-2016 international signing period
Pos Player Age Country Bonus
RHP Yadier Alvarez 19 Cuba $16,000,000
OF Starling Heredia 16 Dominican Republic $2,600,000
IF Ronny Brito 16 Dominican Republic $2,000,000
IF Oneil Cruz 16 Dominican Republic $950,000
OF Christopher Arias 16 Dominican Republic $500,000
Totals $22,050,000
Less: Bonus pool $2,020,300
Overage (100% tax)
Total Cost $42,079,700

As expected, the Dodgers won't be able to sign any international amateurs for bonuses over $300,000 in the next two international signing periods, starting in July 2016.