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Second start by Brandon Beachy is more of the same

Brandon Beachy
Brandon Beachy
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ATLANTA --- Brandon Beachy and Manager Don Mattingly had similar reactions to Beachy's four inning outing on Monday night at Turner Field.

"It was okay, we're still seeing flashes of good, [Beachy] throwing the ball where he wants," said manager Don Mattingly after the game, "and then flashes of not being to able locate. Some good, some bad, to me a lot like the first."

Beachy was a little more direct in his review of his game.

"Frustrating," was Beachy's first word in commenting about tonight's game, "my stuff was better, I failed to execute at crucial spots."

"It takes me a little bit to get going," Beachy said about settling down after the first inning, "but then I make a mistake with two strikes and nobody on and it turns around quickly."

Beachy thought It was "unacceptable" to walk the pitcher and that he won't use giving an intentional walk prior to walking the pitcher as an excuse.

When asked if it was Beachy's expectation that he would be getting the ball in five days, Beachy said "it has to be."

Beachy doesn't try to think about the roster and potential moves. "I have to get outs," Beachy said, "if I'm fortunate that they keep giving me the ball, I have to get better."

Mattingly wouldn't commit to Beachy starting in five days but he did comment on what Beachy has had to go through to get here.

"Two years is a long time and everyone is different" Mattingly said about Beachy's layoff, "Brandon's stuff is going to play, it is just a matter of him getting sharper and sharper."

Beachy said it is still his expectation that he can pitch a complete game shutout, "I wouldn't be taking the ball and going on the mound if I didn't think that was realistic," Beachy added, "if I can throw a 100 pitches which I'm physically able to do then and then execute my stuff, I should be able to."

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