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Dodgers to consider all possibilities for Saturday starter, including Zach Lee

Brandon Beachy's option to OKC means Dodgers will have to get someone to start Saturday against the New York Mets

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

ATLANTA --- Manager Don Mattingly talked about needing a starter for upcoming game on Saturday, decision to option Brandon Beachy, and an update on Carlos Frias and how tomorrow's day game will affect Carl Crawford, Yasmani Grandal and Jimmy Rollins.

Saturday's starter

Mattingly said all options are available for Saturday's game. "We look at every possibility, there could be a trade." It also could line up Zach Lee, who pitched Monday night, for that game.

It was confirmed that the normal 10-day rule regarding calling up players that were optioned does not apply to players called up under the 26th player rule.

Decision to option Brandon Beachy

Don Mattingly said that the decision to option Brandon Beachy was all about "what's best for him, Mattingly said, "I think there were a lot of hurdles he crossed in the last four, five, six months with us."

Beachy said he felt fine physically on Monday night and Mattingly agreed, "[Beachy] showed us he's healthy, he's bounced back, in his own mind he physically feels he's healthy.

"Now he just needs more time to compete and make pitches," Mattingly said, Beachy now has to "throw pitches where he wants, be able to sequence, hold runners, do everything you have to do in the course of a game."

Mattingly said, "[Beachy's] been great with us, but we don't want him to be so tough on himself, he needs to give himself enough credit to say hey it's going to take some time. We think this is going to best thing for him."

Mattingly also said this (continuing to have Beachy pitch in the minors) "is something really wanted to do earlier but we needed a starter and he was the best guy for the job."

Wednesday is when Carl Crawford probably returns to lineup

"I might give Carl a game tomorrow to give [Puig] a day, it's all about keeping guys fresh with the day game tomorrow," Mattingly said, "Carl will likely play on Wednesday."

Carlos Frias working his way back

"Carlos is getting close, he threw a pen yesterday full blown, he hit 96 so we know, it was full blown pen for him, he'll throw a light pen today, if he's good, we'll be talking about getting him a live BP or getting him out to pitch this week.

Mattingly said it was fair to say that Frias wouldn't be a candidate for Saturday's game.

Yasmani Grandal to return to lineup on Wednesday

Asked about Yasmani Grandal's status, "[Grandal] is okay today, but lefty today, righty tomorrow," Mattingly said, "he's only going to be able to catch one of them, so I felt this was right one for him for the extra day so he'll catch tomorrow."

Jimmy Rollins gets a day off

Mattingly said that Rollins getting the day off was about there "being a day game tomorrow, also Hernandez needs to get into the lineup." Mattingly added "we want to be as fresh as we can tomorrow."

On Rollins hitting, Mattingly thinks his approach has been back and forth. "We've seen [Rollins] getting on top of ball, shooting the ball to the middle of field, we're seeing a lot more fly balls lately but that could be the ins and outs of the season."

Overall, Mattingly is looking at the upcoming schedule in terms of Rollins game,  "we move forward, we keep trying to win games, Jimmy's been solid in the middle of the field."