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Brett Anderson encouraged with initial injury diagnosis

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

ATLANTA --- Brett Anderson felt something after the last play in the first inning, a grounder by Andrelton Simmons to Anderson. As the game continued, Anderson realized he had some pain in his left heel and it was affecting his command.

"It is more so the push off, I didn't feel I had the same strength, drive to home plate" Anderson said "when I'm good and healthy, I'm down in the zone, throwing strikes, there was a couple of hits where I wasn't able drive the ball down."

Anderson will have an MRI but he was told that he didn't have a tear and that the Achilles was intact.

Anderson noted that this was new area of his body that was hurt so he didn't have any frame of reference regarding recovery time.

Manager Don Mattingly had earlier said how he had reached a certain expectation when Anderson started a game.

"We were at that point where we were counting on him on going six, seven innings to keep us in the game, said Mattingly, and echoing Anderson's comment about his future, "we'll see after the MRI tomorrow, we'll see where's he at."

As to the weekend, the Dodgers seem to know what the plan is for Saturday and now Sunday could have a familiar name back in the picture.

"We pretty much know where we were going to go as far as Saturday, said Mattingly, "Sunday is a little bit up in the air, Carlos [Frias] is coming along he's been encouraged, it is just a matter if he is sharp enough."