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Brett Anderson is hopeful for quick return, will know more on Thursday

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

ATLANTA--- Brett Anderson was wearing a boot on his left foot but that was just a precaution for their upcoming travel.

"They were concerned about me tripping on a step or something," Anderson said, "more protecting myself than anything."

"From today to yesterday it was a big step, woke up feeling better as compared to feeling terrible," Anderson said, plus "then the MRI showed nothing really wrong it, we'll just go from there."

As for next steps, this is the current plan:

Other Dodgers post game notes include:

Solid start by Mike Bolsinger was good to see

"He was good all day," was manager Don Mattingly's initial review of Mike Bolsinger's 7 IP performance on Wedneday against the Braves.

"He's been pretty consistent in general, it was good to see," Mattingly said, "didn't walk anybody, throwing strikes, it seemed like he could do whatever he wanted with the breaking ball, good for us, we needed that today."

With Bolsinger pitching seven innings, that allowed Mattingly and pitching coach Rick Honeycutt the opportunity to use the pen in a more proactive way.

"Well it is nice to get us to seven with the lead, use the guys that you want to use," Mattingly said, "Kenley probably had the most rest so we knew we could get an inning there. Bringing in [Ian] Thomas today meant we could use [Nicasio] as an eighth inning guy.

Defensive star - Howie Kendrick

Mattingly was quick to point out one player in particular who played a good game in the field.

"I thought Howie was incredible,," Mattingly said, "one time getting the lead runner in an area where a lot of guys won't do it."

Kendrick was 0-for-3 with a walk but that didn't matter when he plays defense.

"I wasn't doing much on the field today," Kendrick said, "I played with Torii Hunter a lot and he always said 'if you are not getting any at the plate, make sure they don't get any."

"I try to take that mentality," Kendrick said,  "and try do anything I can to help the team win.'

On his throw to get the runner at second, Kendrick says it is his years of experience that helps him make that play.

"Over time I have learned depending where the runner is and where the play is," Kendrick said, "if I have the opportunity to get the lead runner that's who I want to get out of scoring position."

Yasmani Grandal - back behind the plate

Grandal returned to the lineup after two games out of the lineup and he felt his timing was just a bit off.

"It was pretty good, I felt I had been missing a few good pitches, could have had a couple of long balls," Grandal said, "today I felt pretty good, had a couple of at bats."

Grandal hadn't done any catching since Sunday but he did other things to stay ready.

"I just worked out mainly, tried to keep my body strong, " Grandal said, "had a couple of long tosses, tried to do everything I could to do stay loose."

He spoke about how he deals with the chance that he'll get hit again.

"I don't really think about it," Grandal told reporters, "you have your mind set that it is going to happen again and you can't move away from it. If it happens again, you just get back out there and hope nothing happens."