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Adrian Gonzalez dealing with stiff neck, but added to Dodgers lineup

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Though he wasn't originally in the starting lineup, dealing with a stiff neck, Adrian Gonzalez was a late addition back into the Dodgers lineup at first base on Saturday night against the Mets.

Gonzalez sat out Friday night as well, and would have been out a second consecutive game had he not successfully passed whatever test was needed during pregame batting practice on Saturday.

Alberto Callaspo was originally at third base in the lineup, but with Gonzalez now at first base, Justin Turner moves to third and Callaspo sits.

Gonzalez has never been on the disabled list in his major league career, and has been one of the most durable player in baseball in the last decade. Gonzalez from 2006-2014 averaged 159 games played and 156 starts per season.

In 2015, this is Gonzalez's 92nd start and 97 games in 99 team games, putting him on pace for 159 games and 151 starts this season.

Gonzalez dealt with a stiff neck in May 2013 as well, held out of the lineup four times in under two weeks and missing three games during that span.