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Dodgers doubling their pleasure at home

Justin Turner has nine doubles in 99 plate appearances at home this season.
Justin Turner has nine doubles in 99 plate appearances at home this season.
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

LOS ANGELES -- The Dodgers are back home to host the Mets at Dodger Stadium, a place this year that has meant more and more offense for the home team.

The Dodgers have scored 185 runs in their 40 games at home, and 155 runs in their 40 road games in 2015.

The team has allowed 132 runs at home, and 143 on the road.

Home runs have garnered most of the headlines regarding the Dodgers offense this season, and rightfully so with 102 hit through 80 games. But the split has been roughly even, with 52 hit at Dodger Stadium and 50 on the road.

Where the split can be seen is with doubles. The Dodgers have hit 84 doubles at home, compared to just 53 on the road.

Last year was a big doubles year for the Dodgers with 302 two-baggers, just the third time in franchise history the club has hit 300 doubles in a season. But it was split evenly, with 151 doubles both home and away.

Those 151 doubles in 2014 were the second-most hit by the Dodgers at Dodger Stadium in a single season, behind only the 159 hit by L.A. at home in 2006. Those are the only two times the Dodgers have hit even 140 doubles at Dodger Stadium.

This year, the club is on pace for 170 doubles at home.

The leading culprits are Adrian Gonzalez (12 doubles) and Howie Kendrick (10). But even more amazing is Justin Turner, with nine doubles and six home runs in just 99 plate appearances at home this season, hitting .352/.424/.659.

Full timers Joc Pederson and Jimmy Rollins have eight doubles apiece, with Yasiel Puig (seven doubles in 62 PA) and Scott Van Slyke (seven doubles in 73 plate appearances) banging them out at a rapid rate.