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TBLA Picnic 2015 - The Evidence

The photos you have been awaiting with bated breath!

The meeting of the Eric Stephen Marching and Chowder Society
The meeting of the Eric Stephen Marching and Chowder Society
David Young

About a week and a half after the actual event, I am releasing the photos from the True Blue LA 2015 picnic to the public. See below for a link.

Although Eric was sadly too ill to attend that day, a good time was still managed to be had by all.

We didn't show enough people to actually play a softball game, but we could field a full defense, so we took turns batting an "inning" against it, rotating through positions. If I recall correctly, it was Hollywood Joe, Phil, El Camino and UCLABrent who went yard.

Afterwards we feasted! Kudos to all for supplying good food and drink!

Towards the end, HJ, 75 Dodger, Catherine the Blue and I engaged in a spirited round of bocce, with the former two defeating the others by a score of 11-5, if memory serves. I thought pictures were taken of all the bocce participants, but somehow only one actually appeared in my camera memory, depriving me of the opportunity to make a joke about an old Italian guy playing bocce.

Also, I was the only one known to have taken pictures. Perhaps someone flew a drone by with us unaware of it.

Rather than trying to embed the photos here, I am going to link to my flickr album of these pictures: This link will open in a new tab or window.

(The link is to the album overview, click on a photo to enlarge, or click on the first one and simply page through them. You have to enlarge or page through to see the "descriptions" where I identified folks.)

Please let me know if I got any of the names wrong in the captions/descriptions, or if there is anything else I need to correct.

This year I remembered the first name of the charming lady I captioned as "friend of El Camino", but because she is not a commenter, I chose not to reveal that here.

Not pictured this year: yours truly, my wife and our two puppies.

Thanks to everyone for attending and making it a fun event!