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Dodgers looking for runs down the stretch

Harry How/Getty Images

Adrian Gonzalez leads the Dodgers in most offensive categories in 2015, including runs scored. But he needs a finishing for kick the team to avoid having a runs leader under 80 for the seventh time in a non-strike season since moving to Los Angeles.

Gonzalez has 73 runs scored through 144 games, seven more than Jimmy Rollins for the team lead. Gonzalez is on pace for 82 runs scored, so he'll most likely avoid re-joining the group.

In 2013, Gonzalez led the Dodgers with just 69 runs scored, the third-fewest for an LA team leader, ahead of only Eddie Murray (66 runs in 1989) and Willie Davis (65 runs in 1967).

That 2013 year was a weird season. Gonzalez also led the Dodgers with 100 RBI, but nobody else drove in even 60 runs. The next-closest to Gonzalez was Hanley Ramirez, who was a hitting machine in his 86 games, hitting .345/.402/.638 with 57 RBI.

Gonzalez this season is also leading the team with 84 RBI. He's on pace to drive in 95 runs, which would be his lowest total since driving in 82 during his first full season in 2006. Gonzalez has reached 100 RBI in five straight seasons and in seven of his last eight years, driving in 99 during the one season in that span (2009) that he fell short.

Gonzalez has faced only three pitchers in his career more often than Wednesday's Rockies starter Jorge De La Rosa, and has hit .354/.448/.667 with six doubles, three home runs and 15 RBI against him in 58 plate appearances, so maybe those counting stats will go up tonight.

The Dodgers' runs scored in general are down this year, a bit of a disconnect from leading the league in OPS and wOBA while scoring 4.15 runs per game, right on par with the National League average of 4.14 runs per game.

In 2014 the Dodgers were second in OPS and wOBA, first among the non-Colorado contingent, and like 2015 led the NL in adjusted OPS+ and wRC+. But that translated to 4.43 runs per game, in a league that scored only 3.95 runs per game.

In spring training I predicted that the Dodgers would score more runs in 2015 than in 2014 (I also thought Yasiel Puig would hit 28 home runs in 2015; the lesson: never listen to me), but unless the club scores more than 6.67 runs per game over the final 18 contests that will not happen.

So far in September, the Dodgers have averaged 4.71 runs per game.

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