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Dodgers vs. Giants post-clinch starting lineups

Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

One night after clinching the National League West, the Dodgers have a surprising number of regulars in the starting lineup on Wednesday against the Giants at AT&T Park.

Then again, home field advantage against the Mets is still obtainable, with the Dodgers needing seven of 10 outcomes to fall their way to open the National League Division Series in Los Angeles.

Carl Crawford and Andre Ethier start in the outfield corners, as they would against any right-handed pitcher, and Yasmani Grandal starts too, though he is at first base with Austin Barnes behind the plate.

Veterans are in the middle infield, with Jimmy Rollins at shortstop and Chase Utley at second base.

Corey Seager starts again, this time at third base.

The Giants are resting Buster Posey and Marlon Byrd, with Trevor Brown at catcher and Jarrett Parker in right field.