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Diamondbacks CEO spoofs Donald Trump: "Build a wall to keep Dodger fans out"

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Derrick Hall was a part of the Dodgers organization for 12 years before leaving for the Diamondbacks in 2005. Hall has always been known for doing great impressions of celebrities during his time in Los Angeles. On Thursday, January 14, Hall busted out a Donald Trump impression at the fifth annual Most Valuable Partner Awards show in Arizona.

"We are going to build a wall. It's going to be a huge wall to keep them out," said Hall as Trump. "These are not good people. They are dirty, smelly, rotten, disgusting, disgusting people."

The moment not only pokes fun at Trump's crazy nature of making exaggerated claims against specific groups of people, it's a great coincidence that Arizona has already built a wall around the seats visible to the television cameras. On more than one occasion over the past few seasons, Dodger fans have been told to change out of Dodger gear or lose their seats.

Either way, it's funny.

[h/t The Arizona Republic]