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That time Vin Scully ran into a group of people offering "Free Hugs"

Wonder if they even knew he was there.

It really doesn't matter what story Vin Scully decides to share with the television audience during a ballgame these days. For the most part, we're all on the edge of our seats listening to what ultimately brings us joy. The theme of Thursday has been National Hug Day and so this moment fits the moment.

During a game between the Dodgers and Giants in September of 2013, Scully described a time when he happened upon a group of young ladies with signs reading "Free Hugs."

"They were parading all around the square and downtown," said Scully. "There were a couple of men with them. And the men would holler 'Free' and the girls would all holler 'Hugs' and it was really kinda nice."

So did the Dodger legend go and hug them?

"No, no, no. I crossed the street," Scully said as he laughed.

Imagine the mob if Scully had stopped.