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Corey Seager No. 1, Julio Urias No. 6 in Baseball Prospectus 2016 top 101 prospects

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

LOS ANGELES -- The 2016 Baseball Prospectus book will be available beginning Feb. 9, but as a preview its publisher, Turner Publishing, released the collective top prospect rankings on Wednesday. There are six Dodgers rated among the top 101 prospects, headlined by top overall prospect Corey Seager and No. 6 Julio Urias.

The duo was ranked seventh and 10th, respectively, in 2015.

Seager, who turns 22 in April, made his major league debut for the Dodgers on Sept. 3, 2015, hit .337/.425/.561 with 13 extra-base hits in 27 games, but with 98 at-bats fell short of the 130 at-bat requirement to exhaust rookie status.

"He hits for average. He hits for power. He may not be a shortstop forever, as he is a very large human, but the bat is good enough to play anywhere," wrote Jeffrey Pasternostro and/or Wilson Karaman. "Regardless, Seager will be the Dodgers shortstop in 2016, and he may very well be the best one in the National League from the moment he sets foot on the field Opening Day."

Urias, now 19, struck out 88 and walked 22 while putting up a 3.81 ERA in 18 starts, 13 of them in Double-A in 2015. From his write-up:

His combination of youth, polish and stuff draws comparisons to Felix Hernandez, in part because he is very good and in part because there’s no one else similar in recent history. The cold water: Unlike Felix at the same age, Urias has never thrown even 90 innings in a season, and may not be able to handle a full 200-inning workload until 2018. But he will be getting major-league hitters out well before then.

Other Dodgers rated in the top 101 were pitchers Jose De Leon (No. 28), Grant Holmes (No. 40) and Yadier Alvarez (No. 78), plus outfielder Yusniel Diaz (No. 91).

Alvarez ($16 million) and Diaz ($15.5 million) received the two highest bonuses from the Dodgers in the current international signing period, with a 100-percent overage tax n each pushing the total commitment to $63 million for the pair.

The Dodgers' top 10 team prospects will be released at some point in February.

The Baseball Prospectus 2016 book will be available on Feb. 9.

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In other prospect news, Seager was rated as the top shortstop prospect in baseball by, with Jim Callis writing that Seager has a higher offensive ceiling than any other shortstop in the game except for Carlos Correa.

In other positional rankings, Urias was rated the top left-handed pitching prospect and De Leon the No. 5 right-handed pitching prospect last week.

Earlier this week, Micah Johnson was rated the No. 7 second baseman prospect in baseball, and Cody Bellinger the No. 6 first base prospect. Willie Calhoun, the Dodgers' fourth-round draft pick in 2015, was one of two players named in the second base rankings as "next up" just outside the top 10. will make the case for Seager as the No. 1 overall prospect in baseball on Thursday, and do the same for Urias on Friday. Given that such articles will only have been written for Seager, Urias, Byron Buxton, J.P. Crawford and Lucas Giolito, it is reasonable to expect when the overall top prospect list the Dodgers could have two of the top five prospects in baseball.