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Brandon Beachy contract details

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Brandon Beachy can earn over $4.5 million in his new contract with the Dodgers should he reach all of his incentives, which also include performance bonuses for relief work, something Beachy hasn't done with any regularity since 2010.

Beachy on Wednesday signed a one-year non-guaranteed deal with the Dodgers with a base salary of $1.5 million. He can also earn an extra $250,000 if he makes the opening day roster.

He also has up to $2.75 million in incentives based on games started, and another $750,000 for appearances. Thanks to the Associated Press, we have the detailed breakdown of those bonuses.

Beachy, 29, can earn...

$250,000 for 10 starts (Note: still trying to confirm this number of starts for this first bonus)
$500,000 for 15 starts
$500,000 for 20 starts
$750,000 for 25 starts
$750,000 for 30 starts

$100,000 for 30 games pitched
$100,000 for 40 games pitched
$100,000 for 45 games pitched
$150,000 for 50 games pitched
$150,000 for 55 games pitched
$150,000 for 60 games pitched

All 48 of Beachy's major league appearances have been starts, and dating back to 2011, 20 of his 21 minor league appearances have been starts. In his first three professional seasons (2008-2010), Beachy had 55 relief appearances and 21 starts across every level of the Braves' minor league system before making his major league debut in September 2010.

Beachy, who has had a pair of Tommy John surgeries, the first in June 2012, has pitched a total of 126⅔ innings between the majors and minors in the last 3½ seasons. Beachy made two starts for the Dodgers in 2015, and the first one, on July 11, was Beachy's first appearance on a major league mound since Aug. 20, 2013.