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2016 NLCS snapshot: Dodgers vs. Cubs

NLCS Game 1 is Saturday night at Wrigley Field

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at Chicago Cubs Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

The Dodgers have advanced to their first National League Championship Series in three years, and all they have in front of their first World Series trip in 28 years is a best-of-7 series with the best team in baseball, the Cubs.

Here is a broad overview look at both teams heading into the NLCS, which opens on Saturday night at Wrigley Field in Chicago.

Teams: Dodgers (91-71) vs. Cubs (103-59)

NLDS result: Dodgers over Nationals 3-2; Cubs over Giants 3-1

Split records: Dodgers 38-43 on road, Cubs 57-24 at home

Dodgers 53-28 at home, Cubs 46-34 on road

One-run games: Dodgers 22-20, Cubs 22-23

Run differential: Dodgers (+87, 3rd in NL), Cubs (+252, 1st in NL)

Runs scored: Dodgers 4.48 per game (7th), Cubs 4.99 (1st)

Home runs: Dodgers 189 (8th), Cubs 199 (5th)

Stolen bases: Dodgers 45 (13th), Cubs 66 (t-11th)

RISP: Dodgers .250/.331/.410 (10th in OPS), Cubs .252/.351/.420 (5th)

OPS+: Dodgers 98 (t-3rd), Cubs 107 (1st)

wRC+: Dodgers 98 (5th), Cubs 106 (1st)

Runs allowed: Dodgers 3.94 (5th), Cubs 3.43 (1st)

HR allowed: Dodgers 165 (7th), Cubs 163 (6th)

SB allowed: Dodgers 87 (7th), Cubs 133 (14th)

Strikeouts: Dodgers 1,510 (1st), Cubs 1,441 (3rd)

K rate: Dodgers 25.1% (1st), Cubs 24.3% (3rd)

Starters ERA: Dodgers 3.95 (5th), Cubs 2.96 (1st)

Starters FIP: Dodgers 3.65 (3rd), Cubs 3.72 (4th)

Bullpen ERA: Dodgers 3.35 (1st), Cubs 3.56 (4th)

Bullpen FIP: Dodgers 3.55 (3rd), Cubs 3.87 (8th)

ERA+: Dodgers 106 (5th), Cubs 128 (1st)

FIP-: Dodgers 89 (3rd), Cubs 91 (4th)

Last 10 games: Dodgers 5-5, Cubs 7-3

Last 20 games: Dodgers 11-9, Cubs 13-7

Last 30 games: Dodgers 18-12, Cubs 19-11

2016 head-to-head record: 4-3 Cubs (3-1 in Chicago)

2015 head-to-head: 4-3 LA (2-2 in Chicago)

Previous playoff matchup: 2008 NLDS (3-0 LA)

Cubs SB Nation site: Bleed Cubbie Blue