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The final lineups of Vin Scully’s career

San Francisco Giants v Los Angeles Dodgers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

From April 18, 1950, the date of Vin Scully’s first broadcast with the Brooklyn Dodgers, though Sunday, his finale after 67 Hall of Fame years, there have been 975 different players who have played for the Dodgers.

That total includes 444 different pitchers, and among those, 237 different starting pitchers. Here are some other notes during Scully’s tenure, using Sunday’s lineup as a guide.

There have been 85 different Dodgers catchers over the last 67 seasons. Yasmani Grandal will play in his 222nd game as a catcher with LA, ranking 13th since 1950. Mike Scioscia has played in the most games behind the plate.

Adrian Gonzalez is one of 154 first baseman during Scully’s tenure, ranking sixth with his 644th game with the Dodgers. This list is led by Gil Hodges.

Davey Lopes tops the list of 143 second basemen since 1950 with 1,150 games played at the position. Chase Utley in his 160th game ranks 19th.

There have been even more third basemen, a whopping 184 players, with Justin Turner 10th, playing his 303rd game at the hot corner on Sunday. Ron Cey tops this list.

Corey Seager is one of 125 shortstops in the last 67 seasons, ranking 13th with his 176 games at the position. Bill Russell is atop this list, with 1,746 games.

In left field, the Dodgers have had 271 different players at the position since 1950. topped by Dusty Baker. Sunday’s left fielder Howie Kendrick is tied with Gene Hermanski for 40th place with his 94th game.

There have been 145 Dodgers in center field during that span, topped by Willie Davis. Joc Pederson is seventh, with his 236th game there today.

Carl Furillo tops the list of 216 different Dodgers right fielders since 1950. Yasiel Puig ranks 10th with his 352nd game at the position on Sunday.