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Saying goodbye to Vin Scully

Lots of tributes from around the sports world on Sunday

The outpouring of goodbyes and gratitude for Vin Scully on his last day have come from all around baseball, including this brief video from MLB itself:

At AT&T Park, fans were given “Thank you, Vin” signs, and the press notes prominently featured Scully.

The Giants had a tribute to Scully before Sunday’s game:

Scully prepared for his final broadcast:

Joe Buck said of Scully, “His voice hits the human ear in just the right spot.”

During the game, the Giants honored Scully with a plaque, plus a picture of Mel Ott (Scully’s childhood hero) and a ticket stub from the game in which Ott hit his 500th home run.

Hawk Harrelson of the White Sox said a nice goodbye to Scully as well, telling him, “It’s our national pastime, and you have been our spokesman for a very long time.”

But it wasn’t just the baseball world saluting Scully on Sunday.

The NFL on CBS said goodbye to both Scully and Dick Enberg, who is retiring also after calling his final Padres game on Sunday. Both men called football, among other things, for CBS.

After Sunday’s game, here is how Scully signed off of his final broadcast: