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9-year-old writes touching letter to Vin Scully

No, you're crying!

A 9-year-old girl named Bailey offered her own letter to Vin Scully this week after watching Scully's final home game with her father last Sunday. It's a fitting tribute to the Dodgers legend that has grown accustom to talking to young children during broadcasts.

The brief letter captures just how special Scully's impact has been by affecting multiple generations of fans.

Dear Vin Scully,

My dad has been talking about you all year long. He is always watching Dodger games and has told me how much he will miss you. He told me how listening to you talk about the Dodgers is something him and his dad have always shared together. My Grandpa is going to miss you too. I loved to curl up next to him and listen. Mostly because my dad likes it but also because I like the sound of your voice. I’ve heard your voice so many times it’s like your another grandpa to me even though I’ve never met you. I’ve never seen my dad cry before but he had tears in his eyes when he told me we were watching your last game. Thank you for making my dad so happy.