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2016 NLDS snapshot: Dodgers vs. Nationals

Game 1 is Friday, Oct. 7 at 2:38 p.m. PT in Washington D.C.

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at Washington Nationals Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

For nearly every series during the regular season, we had a broad overview of the Dodgers and their opponents and their relative performances. Here, we extend that into the postseason, with a wide, snapshot look at the Dodgers and Nationals heading into their National League Division Series.

I went into a little more detail with this series, but here is a look at Los Angeles and Washington heading into their best-of-5 series.

Teams: Dodgers (91-71) vs. Nationals (95-67)

Split records: Dodgers 38-43 on road, Nationals 50-31 at home
Dodgers 53-28 at home, Nationals 45-36 on road

One-run games: Dodgers 22-20, Nationals 26-19

Run differential: Dodgers (+87, 3rd in NL), Nationals (+151, 2nd in NL)

Runs scored: Dodgers 4.48 per game (7th), Nationals 4.71 (4th)

Home runs: Dodgers 189 (8th), Nationals 203 (4th)

Stolen bases: Dodgers 45 (13th), Nationals 121 (5th)

RISP: Dodgers .250/.331/.410 (10th in OPS), Washington .259/.350/.414 (6th)

OPS+: Dodgers 98 (t-3rd), Nationals 98 (t-3rd)

wRC+: Dodgers 98 (5th), Nationals 97 (7th)

Runs allowed: Dodgers 3.94 (5th), Nationals 3.78 (2nd)

HR allowed: Dodgers 165 (7th), Nationals 155 (3rd)

SB allowed: Dodgers 87 (7th), Nationals 54 (1st)

Strikeouts: Dodgers 1,510 (1st), Nationals 1,476 (2nd)

K rate: Dodgers 25.1% (1st), Nationals 24.5% (2nd)

Starters ERA: Dodgers 3.95 (5th), Nationals 3.60 (2nd)

Starters FIP: Dodgers 3.65 (3rd), Nationals 3.61 (2nd)

Bullpen ERA: Dodgers 3.35 (1st), Nationals 3.37 (2nd)

Bullpen FIP: Dodgers 3.55 (3rd), Nationals 3.54 (1st)

ERA+: Dodgers 106 (5th), Nationals 119 (2nd)

FIP-: Dodgers 89 (3rd), Nationals 88 (2nd)

Last 10 games: Dodgers 5-5, Nationals 6-4

Last 20 games: Dodgers 11-9, Nationals 11-9

Last 30 games: Dodgers 18-12, Nationals 18-12

2016 head-to-head record: 5-1 Dodgers (2-1 in Washington)

2015 head-to-head: 4-2 LA (2-1 LA at Dodger Stadium)

Previous playoff matchup: 1981 NLCS vs. Montreal Expos (3-2 LA)*

Nationals SB Nation site: Federal Baseball

*This might be a bit of a stretch, as the Expos moved to Washington in 2005. But it was really just an excuse to show this video of the deciding run of that series, thanks to Rick Monday: