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MLB Network features wonderful Vin Scully video in opening of NLDS coverage

Vin Scully may have rode off into the sunset after the Dodgers played their regular season finale last Sunday. But that doesn't mean that the beloved voice of the Dodgers is finished giving us goosebumps.

MLB Network produced this short video with Scully sitting in front of the many great moments in baseball history with his voice as the soundtrack.

Narrated by Tom Selleck, the feature provides a wonderful moment with the following line from Scully:

Selleck: "Who will deliver the next unforgettable performance? Who will be at the center of the story told and retold for generations to come? Dates with destiny aren’t written in advance. The drama is unscripted, but they are out there. The next ‘I remember when’ moment will come."

Scully: "They always do."