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Magic Johnson takes on Peyton Manning in 'Egg Russian Roulette'

Here's egg on your face

Jimmy Fallon has a way with getting celebrities to do things they wouldn't ordinarily do. The late night talk show host had Lakers Legend and Part Owner of the Dodgers, Magic Johnson and recent Super Bowl champion, Peyton Manning square off in a fun game of "Egg Russian Roulette" Wednesday night.

The object of the game is to pick an egg out of a carton and smash it over your head. The eggs are either hard-boiled or raw and the competitors have no clue which egg will be raw. The first to smash two raw eggs over their head loses the game.

"I had dreams growing up that I would maybe have a chance to play Magic one-on-one someday," Manning said as he was picking up his first egg. "I never thought it would be in Russian Egg Roulette."

The game was tied after four eggs as both Manning and Johnson each had one raw and one hard-boiled. It came down to the third egg for Manning that cracked open to give Johnson the win.