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The all-time giants of the Los Angeles Dodgers

With 6'4" Corey Seager poised to take over as the starting shortstop for the Los Angeles Dodgers, it's time to take a look at the tallest all-time Los Angeles Dodgers to tower over the diamond.

Corey Seager, tallest Dodgers shortstop ever
Corey Seager, tallest Dodgers shortstop ever
Darin Wallentine/Getty Images

Much has been made of Corey Seager eventually outgrowing the shortstop position and becoming a third baseman, but as of now, he is poised to start this season as the Los Angeles Dodgers everyday shortstop, and at 6'4" of height he will be the tallest Dodger ever to do so.

That means it is an opportune time to take a look (up) at the tallest position players to take the field for the Los Angeles Dodgers. While being a bit tall tends to be an advantage for players, the choices thin out a bit when you get to the tallest trees in the forest. Nonetheless, the results are a pretty fine starting eight.

I didn't set hard and fast criteria for qualifying for this team - if I simply listed the tallest player ever to take the position, Joel Guzman would have to be in three places at one time despite having only played in eight games for LA - but I did end up picking the tallest players (as listed at Baseball-Reference) who saw significant time at the position (at least a full season's worth) and accumulated at least 1,000 plate appearances for the Dodgers. This ended up ruling out the likes of Billy Ashley who played in six different seasons for LA and in 268 games, but accumulated only 662 PA. If there were ties, I chose the better player.

Without further ado, here are the giants of Los Angeles:

Position Height Player Comments
C 6'4" Tom Haller At the time the rare ex-Giant in LA, the left-handed hitter batted .276/.344/.393/.737, 115 OPS+ , making one All-Star team and twice receiving MVP votes while playing for the Dodgers from 1968 to 1971.
1B 6'4" Eric Karros He is still the all-time home run leader for Los Angeles with 270 roundtrippers. It remains a mystery how much of his height is due to his hair.
2B 6'1" Jeff Kent Among the second basemen, Kent stands tall. He hit 75 home runs as a Dodger. Honorable mention: Mark Grudzielanek.
3B 6'3" Tim Wallach On the Dodgers major-league coaching staff the last five years, Wallach manned the hot corner in LA from 1993-1996.
SS 6'2" Hanley Ramirez The man Corey Seager looks to replace on this list, Ramirez was significant whether playing or injured. His 41 homers as a SS trail only Rafael Furcal by two in Dodgers history.
LF 6'3" Kirk Gibson It wasn't just as a pinch-hitter in the 1988 World Series where he stood tall.
CF 6'4" Matt Kemp He was nearly the NL MVP while playing this position.
RF 6'7" Frank Howard Big Frank was mostly a 1B being traded by the Dodgers, but his five full seasons in LA were mostly spent patrolling RF.


Pitchers are already freaks of nature, so gigantism is hardly all that notable. But the all-tall rotation (minimum 180 IP) would be: Mark Hendrickson (6'9"), Rick Sutcliffe (6'7"), Derek Lowe (6'6"), Don Drysdale (6'5"), Jerry Reuss (6'5")

For those that dislike the exclusion of Brooklyn from such endeavors, given that players were generally shorter in that era, this list would hardly change. Only eleven Brooklyn position players were 6'2" or taller and played in at least 100 games.  I'd be forced to include only 6'6" Howie Schultz at first base.

The tallest LA Dodgers ever to take the position, with no minimum amount of time played:
C - Sandy Alomar, Jr., 6'5"
1B - Howard and Guzman, 6'7"
2B - Cory Snyder, 6'4"
3B - Guzman, 6'7"
SS - Seager and Snyder, 6'4"
LF - Ashley, Guzman and Howard
CF - Jayson Werth, 6'5"
RF - Howard and Ashley