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Dodger Stadium to be featured in KCET series 'Lost L.A."

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The three-part series explores stories from L.A.’s past that have been lost to folklore, including wildlife and wildfires; the Elysian Hills before Dodger Stadium’s construction; and defunct tunnels, canals and hills.

KCET is currently running the original series "Lost L.A." featuring segments from nine local LA filmmakers based on original archive material from USC Libraries (including extensive Chavez Revine).

The new episode "Before the Dodgers."airs Wednesday, Feb. 3 at 8:30 p.m. on KCET in Southern California. It will also stream concurrently with the broadcast on KCET's website.

The episode tracks the history of the view from Chavez Ravine before the stadium was built, and how the Dodgers now plan to help restore the original view.

In this episode, Lost L.A. explores the various ways Southern California’s inhabitants have used the hills around Dodger Stadium. The Elysian Hills once stood where the now-iconic Dodger Stadium hosts legendary baseball. Raised up by tectonic forces and carved into deep ravines by the ancient precursor of the Los Angeles River, these highlands meant many things to many people long before Sandy Koufax threw Dodger Stadium’s first pitch, and even before the first residents moved into Chavez Ravine. The region’s native Tongva Indians escaped floods there, and later settlers quarried stone in the hills to build what would become an American city.

Viewers will discover a lithographic view of nineteenth-century L.A. as drawn from an Elysian hilltop, the vanished neighborhood of Chavez Ravine, and a massive construction project that reshaped the land into a modern baseball palace. Created by filmmakers Ben Sax, Javier Barboza, and Amy Lee Ketchum.