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Dodgers spring training Day 4 notes: Don't expect DH in NL anytime soon

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Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

PHOENIX -- Monday was media day for the 15 Cactus League teams, with managers and general managers meeting in one reasonably central location — the Arizona Biltmore hotel — led off by commissioner Rob Manfred addressing many topics.

There has been some talk this offseason regarding the designated hitter eventually coming to the National League, and with the current Collective Bargaining Agreement set to expire in December the DH has been viewed by some as a potential negotiating point.

But commissioner Manfred dismissed such rush to judgment on Monday, calling himself "a status quo" guy who likes to keep the leagues the way they are.

"Since we have the leagues as functioning business entities, the leagues remain important competitive devices for us. You play within your league, play up to the World Series. The principal differentiator between our leagues is the DH," Manfred explained. "I would be very reluctant in the age of interleague play to give up that differentiator."

A comment at the owners meetings in January by Cardinals general manager John Mozielak seemed to overstate the willingness of the National League adding the DH.

"One GM brought it up, that is true," Manfred said. "That doesn't change my view nor does it create any greater likelihood that there will be a change in this area. I believe it will be status quo."


We could hear a resolution in MLB's investigation of whether Yasiel Puig's November bar altercation had domestic violence implications worthy of suspension at some point this week. Puig is one of three active investigations, along with Aroldis Chapman and Jose Reyes.

"We're working on all three, and one way or another, I think we're going to get two wrapped up in the next couple of days," Manfred said.

First baseman Adrian Gonzalez reported to camp on Monday.

Josh Ravin missed a third straight day on Monday with flu-like symptoms.

General manager Farhan Zaidi said that the club's three top Cuban amateur additions are all expected stateside at some point in 2016, with pitcher Yadier Alvarez, outfielder Yusniel Diaz and infielder Omar Estevez potentially here in time to be at Camelback Ranch during spring training.

"They're all going to be here, at some point," Zaidi said. "There is some optimism, and we are hopeful that they will be in camp while we are still here."