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Alex Guerrero moves further down the Dodgers' depth chart

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Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

LOS ANGELES -- With Howie Kendrick back with the Dodgers, most of the talk of the last week or so from the team has been about how everybody is on board with some sort of time share between second and third base. Now the question is where exactly does Alex Guerrero fit into the mix.

Justin Turner, Kendrick, Chase Utley and Kiké Hernandez were all mentioned Saturday during FanFest at Dodger Stadium, and again on Thursday with Dodgers president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman.

"From our standpoint, between second and third base there are a significant number of plate appearances. There are between 1,300 and 1,400 plate appearances between those two spots," Friedman said. "Even when everyone's healthy there is a lot of playing time to go around."

Kendrick, Turner, Hernandez and Utley combined for 1,293 plate appearances in 2015, but Utley wasn't acquired until mid-August, when Kendrick was sidelined with a hamstring injury.

"All it takes is one injury; we don't know when it will happen or who it will happen to, but invariably we know it will happen over the course of a season," Friedman said. "The depth we'll have on hand is something that's really attractive to us."

At the moment, that depth includes Guerrero, who hit .233/.261/.434 with 11 home runs in 106 games. Sixty-eight of his 230 plate appearances came as a third baseman, a position he started 18 times along with 27 starts in left field.

Most of his production came in the first two months of the season. But he hit just .178/.197/.220 with one home run from June 4 through the end of the season, and started just five times in the field in the final 50 games of 2015.

The Dodgers over the last two offseasons have been adept at acquiring major league depth, and most of it is usable depth at that. The extra starting pitchers can either be sent to the minors or could profile in the bullpen. Same for the position players, the bulk of which could be optioned to the minors if needed.

But not Guerrero. His contract, which has two years and $10 million remaining, says he cannot be sent to the minors without his consent. At the moment, Guerrero seems to be the odd man out.

The current bench, if we pencil in Turner and Kendrick as starters, includes Hernandez, Utley, catcher A.J. Ellis and outfielder Carl Crawford. Twelve pitchers is the norm these days, which means a five-man bench. It also means Guerrero has to beat Scott Van Slyke and Trayce Thompson out for the final bench spot, with the roster as currently constructed.

Both Van Slyke and Thompson can be optioned, it is worth noting.

But we are still two weeks away from pitchers and catchers reporting, and two months from opening day. Plenty of time for things to change.

"We'll get into spring training and figure it out. [Guerrero] had some versatility with his ability to play the infield and outfield. Things tend to happen over the course of spring training, as we saw last year and we do most years," Friedman said on Thursday. "We'll figure it out as we get into March and look at exactly how we want to configure our roster, figuring out which pieces fit and which ones don't as well."

Should Guerrero end up being a piece that doesn't fit as well, and should the Dodgers find a trade partner for his services, Guerrero has the right to opt out of his contract at the end of the year. So in essence his new team would get Guerrero for one year and $5 million.

But for now the Dodgers still have Guerrero for two years. He's just a little bit further down the depth chart than yesterday.