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Video from Dodgers spring training as games start this week

It all starts here

Clayton Kershaw is starting a game this week. Let that sink in and wash over you. While it will only be a brief outing, the best pitcher in baseball will still be on the mound and that means real baseball is coming.

The interesting part of games starting is the arms that line up behind Kershaw in a rotation that lost Zack Greinke in the offseason. Dave Roberts has been on the positive side in his first spring training with the team as he prepares for roster decisions he'll have to make as manager.

This is a look into the sights and sounds around Camelback Ranch as the Dodgers prepare for the upcoming season. There is nothing quite like that pop of the ball into a catcher's mitt as several pitchers are lined up throwing at the same time.

Stay tuned as spring training moves along because we'll be posting more videos.