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Scott Van Slyke, Brandon Beachy are Dodgers 2016 ping pong champs

Team Van Smash

Jon SooHoo

One of the best parts of a Dodgers spring training is the annual ping pong tournament in the clubhouse. The championship game usually involves Clayton Kershaw, the creator of the event. But Kershaw wouldn't be involved in Thursday's final.

The championship match came down to the duo of Scott Van Slyke and Brandon Beachy squaring off against Justin Turner and Chris Anderson. Turner's team lost in 2015 and the Red Dream's pair suffered the same fate in 2016.

The original bracket of teams:


Kershaw was paired with first baseman Adrian Gonzalez. "Gonzo's not very good," Kershaw joked. "We're going to work on his competitiveness and the games. Hopefully we can at least make it a couple rounds."

Thanks to Adrian Gonzalez, here is a little footage of the event.

First, the introductions from Kiké Hernandez:

The final two points: