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Joe Davis calls first Dodgers game for SportsNet LA today

Photo: Fox Sports

PHOENIX -- New Dodgers broadcaster Joe Davis will call his first game with his new team, behind the microphone to watch Clayton Kershaw match up with Chris Sale of the White Sox on Saturday afternoon at Camelback Ranch.

Davis will call play-by-play action alongside analysts Orel Hershiser and Nomar Garciaparra for SportsNet LA for both games this weekend, on Saturday against Chicago and on Sunday with split squad action against the Padres.

The 28-year-old Davis despite his relatively young age already has a mountain of experience on his resume, calling baseball, basketball, football, football, hockey and softball for ESPN and Fox Sports in his career.

In addition to calling 50 road games for the Dodgers this season on SportsNet LA, Davis will continue to call baseball, football and basketball games for Fox Sports. Just last week he called the Pac-12 basketball tournament from Las Vegas.

His ability to multi-task began at a young age, and was honed at Beloit College in Wisconsin, where he played football for four years, including two as quarterback. But his passion was announcing.

"One of the recruiting pitches from the coach was to be able to announce basketball games right away," Davis explained. "Any opportunities that there were, I got those right away."

Davis called baseball and basketball games at Beloit, and even some high school volleyball before graduating college in 2010.

As a child, Davis said he would play basketball games and announce the game while playing.

"There's nothing wrong with not knowing what you want to do, but if you can find that thing you're passionate about that quickly, it's definitely to your advantage," Davis said. "The first guy that I remember listening to closely and realizing that this was a profession that you could actually do a living was Gary Thorne on ESPN."

After three years calling Double-A Montgomery Biscuits games Davis moved to ESPN in 2012, where among other things he was the youngest ever to call a bowl game for the network. In 2014, he moved to Fox Sports, where he continues to call baseball, college football and college basketball games.

In his first MLB game for Fox in 2014, Davis got to meet Thorne, now a broadcaster for the Orioles.

Davis steps into a Dodgers role where he will call most of the road games not called by Vin Scully, entering his 67th and final season calling Dodgers games. Naturally, Davis is a candidate to add home games to his duties beginning in 2017, but for now he's just focused on the season at hand, and is certainly not looking to fill any legendary shoes.

"You have to recognize that nobody will ever replace Vin, nobody that's living or nobody who has been born yet," Davis stated. "I don't think putting any pressure on myself does anybody any good. It doesn't do the listeners any good, it doesn't do the people I'm in the booth with any good. I can't do anything other than try to be the best me that I can be. I can't try to be Vin, or try to be what people want to hear."