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Vin Scully kicks off final season with Dodgers-Giants

Photo: Craig Minami | True Blue LA

PHOENIX -- Hall of Fame Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully arrived at Camelback Ranch on Friday afternoon to call his one Cactus League game from Arizona this season, Friday night's contest between the Dodgers and Giants, to kick off Scully's record 67th and final season behind the microphone calling games for the Dodgers.

"Just the starting with the Giants makes it special, but especially tonight when one of my closest pals will coaching third for the Giants, Joey Amalfitano."

Amalfitano, now 82, played and coached for the Giants. He coached third base for the Dodgers from 1983-1998.

Scully said he thought a farewell tour might be a distraction in his final season.

"I'm just announcer. I belong in the press box," Scully said. "I'm the luckiest person in the whole world. God has been so good to me, it's mind boggling. To allow me to go this far is fine. But it's not really me. I'm not going to take me on a tour like I'm some Stradivarius."

Scully also said he has been asked in recent years to call an inning or two on a national broadcast, Fox and others, but has turned them down, and said he would continue to do so this season.

"There have a lot of networks that have been very nice, asking me to do an inning or two. I don't belong there. When I did 'Game of the Week,' we did every week together, but now I don't do it," Scully said. "I belong in Dodger Stadium in the booth. That's where I belong, that's where I've lived, that's where I will stay until it's over. No guest appearances."

Scully will also call both Freeway Series games against the Angels that are at Dodger Stadium, next Thursday and Friday, for SportsNet LA, then will travel to San Diego to call the Dodgers' opening day battle against the Padres on Monday, April 4 at Petco Park.

"I love the thrill of San Diego and opening day. I could go to opening day in any ballpark in America and just love it," Scully said. "I'm going to go to San Diego, then go home and open up at Dodger Stadium.

"I'll go to Anaheim during the regular year, then the Giants are there for me for the final three games of the regular season. So it's kind of full circle, to start today with the Giants, then perhaps wind up in San Francisco."

Scully was asked what he would remember most from his career.

"I'll miss the fans, the sounds of the fans," he said.