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Dodgers opening day countdown: Tommy Lasorda and the number 27

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

We all know Tommy Lasorda more for his time as the Dodgers manager than any of his time on the field as a player. Lasorda's number two is retired and hangs in Dodger Stadium along with other Dodger greats. But did you know one of the first numbers the lefty ever had in the organization was 27?

The above photo was taken before the 1955 World Series when Brooklyn played the Yankees. Lasorda had a small role on the team that year, only pitching in four games with one start. But the Dodgers would eventually need the roster spot for a young lefty by the name of Sandy Koufax.

If you ask Lasorda about the decision to go with Koufax instead of himself, to this day the Dodger legend will tell you it was the wrong choice and the Dodgers should've kept him. The decision turned out pretty well for all parties involved.

Once on the back of Lasorda, the number 27 brings us one day closer to opening day.