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2016 consensus top Dodgers prospects

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Tuesday marked the unofficial end to Dodgers prospect season of sorts, with our David Hood profiling his number one choice, shortstop Corey Seager, on the same day that Dustin Nosler of Dodgers Digest unveiled his top 10.

With that, I decided to look at various rankings of Dodgers prospects heading into 2016 and come up with a consensus list. I have a feeling that in other years this might be more instructive than this one, with the Dodgers having such an obvious top two.

Seager and Julio Urias are not only the top two Dodgers prospects, but nationally recognized as the creme of the crop. Seager was ranked first in MLB on every major national prospect list, and the worst showing for Urias was sixth, and again this is for all of baseball.

I gathered the rankings of Dodgers prospects from the four main national sites — Baseball AmericaBaseball ProspectusESPN and — plus John Sickels of Minor League Ball as well. Adding those to the rankings here and at Dodgers Digest should give us a good picture.

The lists were of varying length. Hood ranked 61 prospects, while Nosler tallied 100 (I listed the top 50 below). Prospectus and ESPN each listed 10, but in the article by Keith Law at ESPN he went as deep as his 18th pick in the system.

A straight average ranking doesn't work for someone who might be 12th, for instance, at BP but has no actual number since they only revealed their Dodgers top 10. So with a minimum of 10 rankings at each of our seven sources, I awarded points from 10 for a first-place vote all the way down to one for a 10th-place vote.

Seager, with tens across the board has 70 points, easily atop the list, followed by Urias at 63. Jose De Leon was close to unanimously third, with five third-place votes and two fourth-place votes.

There are six Dodgers to have appeared in the top 10 on all seven lists — Seager, Urias, De Leon, Grant Holmes, Alex Verdugo and Cody Bellinger.

Frankie Montas came close with six top-10 rankings but was slotted 11th by Nosler at Dodgers Digest.

Here are the full list of consensus top Dodgers prospects for 2016. Those without any top-10 votes are listed in order of their True Blue LA ranking because hey, this is our site.