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A tribute to Vin Scully's last opening day at Dodger Stadium

Vin Scully will call his last opening day at Dodger Stadium Tuesday as he starts his final season as the broadcasting voice of the Dodgers. The man that has called us all his friends for 67 years is hanging up his microphone.

With each pitch in 2016 there comes an inevitability that Scully will no longer be painting his masterpiece into our living rooms on a nightly basis. But we have the entire year to show him our thanks for the moments we can't possibly repay.

The eloquent wordsmith is back in the booth, weaving his life stories and history lessons into a kid's game for us to soak in. As a legend puts an exclamation point on his career, we are forever in debt to the joy he has brought us all. So pull up a chair and get ready for the home schedule to start and the new memories still to be made.