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No-hitters, birthday dinners and Prince

Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

The Dodgers have thrown their fair share of no-hitters as a franchise over the years. But they've also had one thrown against them recently by the Cubs' Jake Arrieta last August.

Arrieta happened to spin another no-hitter Thursday, this time against the Reds. The Dodger Twitter account offered the Reds some help to cope with the loss.

After the Dodgers split town having won two of three in Atlanta, they took some time for a team dinner in honor of Joc Pederson's 24th birthday.

And apparently there isn't one good singer in the bunch. The saddest sounding happy birthday song thanks to Kiké Hernandez.

Pederson even got a some cupcakes from his mom.

The team listened to Prince songs on the bus after hearing the news that the music legend had passed away early Thursday.