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Yasiel Puig launched an absolute missile of a throw to nail Trevor Story at third base

Yasiel Puig has made some pretty incredible plays with his arm for the Dodgers. But the throw Puig made on Friday night at Coors Field was one of the best you'll ever see.

With the Dodgers leading 5-4 over the Rockies in the fifth inning, Trevor Story nearly hit a home run to right field. Puig leaped in the air in an attempt to catch it on the fly but couldn't quite reach it. It wouldn't matter though as Puig erased Story anyway with a rocket all the way to third on the fly.

Statcast says the ball was thrown at 93.5 mph and looked like it was going to fly way over Justin Turner's head at third.

...and just because we want to see all angles of this throw.