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The 100 home runs allowed by Clayton Kershaw

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Clayton Kershaw allowed a massiv three-run home run to Giancarlo Stanton of the Marlins in the sixth inning on Tuesday night at Dodger Stadium, the 100th home run Kershaw has allowed in his career.

The home run came in Kershaw's 247th career start, so they don't come that often. After all, this is Kershaw's ninth season. He has never given up more than 16 home runs in one season. He has allowed three in five starts in 2016.

Keep in mind that these are regular season numbers only, so his eight postseason home runs don't count in this total.Here is a breakdown of Kershaw's 100 career home runs allowed, thanks in large part to Baseball-Reference:

50 have been hit at Dodger Stadium, and 50 have been hit on the road.

55 were hit with nobody on base, 33 with one on base, and 12 with two on. No grand slams.

It took 6,512 plate appearances for Kershaw to allow 100 home runs, or one per 65 PA.

74 home runs were hit by right-handed batters, 26 by lefties.

18 were hit on the first pitch of the at-bat, 15 with the count full.

41 were hit with nobody out, 38 with one out, and 21 with two outs.

This was the 22nd home run allowed by Kershaw in April (and March), tying June and August for his most prolific home run months.

Stanton is one of three Marlins to homer against Kershaw, having also done so in 2012. He joins Gaby Sanchez (2011), and Justin Ruggiano (2012).

This was the 11th home run Kershaw has allowed in the sixth inning. The inning he has been taken deep the most is the fourth, with 22 home runs.

The longest at-bat for any Kershaw home run was 10 pitches by Jeff Baker of the Rockies in June 4, 2008, the second career home run allowed by Kershaw, in his third major league start.