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Yasiel Puig welcomes Jared Goff to LA with open arms

Puig your friend. Puig not late.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Say what you want about Yasiel Puig's past on and off the field in the game of baseball. This year has been a comeback of a healthy, fun-loving Puig we've had glimpses of in the past.

The Dodgers' right-fielder turned a #meantweet from Jared Goff -- newly drafted first overall pick in Thursday's NFL Draft to the Los Angeles Rams -- into a positive Friday.

Goff grew up as a Giants fan and didn't have nice things to say about Puig, taking these remarks to Twitter before the Rams had a shot at coming to Los Angeles.

Brett Anderson and Kiké Hernandez had fun with the moment Thursday after Goff had been selected.

Puig took it upon himself to personally welcome Goff to Los Angeles.

Goff responded to Puig's offer in his first Rams press conference.

The #PuigNotLate campaign is very popular.