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Dave Roberts continues to stay the course, preaches patience for Dodgers

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

"Can't hit, sucks. Lose 6 in a row, sucks. Still in 1st place, priceless. Perspective. Win tomorrow!"

That is the veteran leadership that Adrian Gonzalez is projecting in the clubhouse after the Dodgers have lost six straight games.

It's tough to be positive when the team can't seem to find any runs to support the pitching staff. It's even harder when the wheels are coming off in front of the home crowd and relievers are hearing boos before they even throw a pitch. But that's just the kind of attitude that manager Dave Roberts consistently preaches -- and practices -- to his team.

"You look at tonight, and you don't see a whole lot of signs that it's going to turn," said manager Dave Roberts. "But you know what? They're still confident. It might not seem like it. But they're still working their tails off.

"When you don't get guys on base and things aren't going on out there it looks lackluster and low-energy. That just comes with not hitting. Any team that's struggling offensively, that's the perception. But it's not like guys are trying any less."

Ross Stripling struggled on the mound Saturday night and hasn't had consistent efficiency to this point, but the signs are there that he is figuring it out.

Just ask the manager if Stripling has plateaued or if he is regressing.

"I think that he is continuing to learn," Roberts said. "He is very good with the information. I thought his breaking ball was really good tonight. It's a different question if he gets Upton."

Roberts has stressed patience and staying the course to his ball club, pointing out that dwelling on the negative gets you nowhere.

"In baseball you can't beat someone over the head. You can't yell at them," said Roberts. "As a hitter, you can't get 'more mad' and do better. That doesn't equate to being better. It actually works against you. For us, we've talked about routine, consistency, and that's what the guys are doing."