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Vin Scully on the cover of Sports Illustrated this week

Vin Scully makes the cover of Sports Illustrated this week, with Tom Verducci profiling the legendary announcer in his 67th and final season calling Dodgers games.

The story is well worth your time. Here is an excerpt, with Scully telling Verducci a story:

"Ebbets Field. We had played a game on kind of a gray day. Not a lovely day. And I was single, and the game was over early. I had nowhere to go, and somebody said, ‘They’re going to try out a lefthander.’ So I thought, Well, I’ll go take a look, and went down to the clubhouse. I looked over and my first thought was, He can’t be much of a player. The reason was he had a full body tan. Not what you call a truck driver’s tan, you know? Full body.

"But I did notice his back, which was unusual. Unusually broad. So I thought, I’ll go watch him, you know? And I had played ball at Fordham, so I saw some kids that could throw really hard and all of that. He threw hard and bounced some curveballs and ... nice, but you know, I never thought, Wow, you’re unbelievable. Nothing like that at all. So what a scout I am."

That left-hander, by the way, was Sandy Koufax, in his first tryout with the Dodgers.

There is also an accompanying video, with Scully talking to Verducci about his career.