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Vin Scully talking about 'trick dirt'

Vin Scully is even entertaining talking about dirt. It's true. Scully was reminded of a story from even before his time when he saw the dirt on Clayton Kershaw's uniform from a poor slide earlier in the game.

"Back in 1916, the Yankees were playing in the Polo Grounds," Scully said. "And whenever the Washington Senators came to New York to play the Yankees, would you believe, they brought their own dirt."

There have been some silly things in the game of baseball, but bringing your own dirt?

"They would bring their own dirt to dry their hands and they claimed the soil around home plate in the Polo Grounds was trick dirt," continued Scully. "Have you ever heard of trick dirt?"

I can't say that I've ever heard of trick dirt or seen dirt that was tricky.

Apparently the Senators thought that the dirt in the Polo Grounds made their hands slippery.