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How will Julio Urias do in his major league debut?

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Julio Urias makes his major league debut on Friday night against the Mets, the first Dodgers teenage starting pitcher in 53 years. He is the first teenage starting pitcher in the majors since Felix Hernandez in 2005, and just the fifth in MLB since 1980.

So how will Urias do against New York?

Consider this the official prediction thread. Make your guesses in the comments below of what you think Urias's pitching line will be. Use this format:

5⅓ 4 2 2 2 5, ND

I'm looking for innings, hits, runs, earned runs, walks and strikeouts, plus his decision (win, loss, no decision). Get your guesses in up until 4 p.m. PT, and I will post the results later.

Keep in mind that no teenage starter in his major league debut has pitched into the sixth inning since Bruce Robbins of the Tigers in 1979. The only teenage starter to win his major league debut in the last 40 years was Dwight Gooden in 1984.

Consider that above my guess, to start things off.