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Noah Syndergaard is ejected after throwing behind Chase Utley

Utley has already driven in nine runs in the weekend series.

The Mets were going to hit Chase Utley at some point this weekend for what happened last October between Utley and Ruben Tejeda.

I knew it. You knew it. The Dodgers knew it. The umpires most definitely knew it.

When it was attempted by Noah Syndergaard in the third inning, home plate umpire Adam Hamari immediately sent Syndergaard to an early shower. Mets skipper Terry Collins was also tossed for good measure.

The Mets were not only unsuccessful in hitting Utley, they couldn't stop him from crushing the bullpen for a pair of homers. The Dodger second baseman smacked a solo homer in the sixth and a back-breaking grand slam in the seventh.