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Clayton Kershaw's appearance on MLB Network's 'Intentional Talk'

Clayton Kershaw joined Chris Rose and Kevin Millar on MLB Network's "Intentional Talk" Tuesday to discuss a multitude of topics. The lefty is always a fun interview and didn't disappoint. Below are a few of the highlights from the interview.


On playing youth baseball:

"I dominated machine pitch, those four-seamers right over the heart [of the plate]. You know I think I had a few homers in a game one time. I got the Will Clark Award, first baseman scooping the ball and that’s probably where I got [number] 22 from, that’s where it all started."

On visiting A.J. Ellis in Wisconsin this past offseason:

"For whatever you want to say about AJ, he’s big in Wisconsin. He’s real big. He’s a seven up there. … He’s a Wisconsin seven, LA four."

On Ellis being in better shape in 2016:

"Sneaky, better body this year. … He worked hard. He lost some weight. He looks good right now. He’s a young man’s 35. He’s looking pretty solid."